Minoxidil – How it Works? Only proven product for hair growth?

Minoxidil and how it works has been kept on the low – so information about this is very diverse, but there is one way to actually know how it works, because how it works, is already known, companies don’t want this known because it will reduce their sales, as the reason why it works, can┬áprove a free and cheap alternative to minoxidil, which would completely stop their minoxidil sales.

So how does Minoxidil work? And what are the Minoxidil alternatives?

Minoxidil was designed for heart medicine to be taken as a pill, for heart patients – it was designed to expand arteries and vessels so that any blockages are opened and do not get fully blocked to prevent a heart attack – since western medicine has not figured a way out to deliver a medicine taken internally to a specific spot on the body, applying topically was used to make another use of minoxidil – which is why it is applied topically on the scalp to open vessels in the scalp to increase hair growth – problem is, over time, the body gets use to it, and expansion slows down – so it does not work the best way as it’s not trying to keep it permanent – the permanent way is to actually control diet, exercise as well as scalp massage for helping push out blocked areas – vessels in the scalp are so small, it doesn’t take much to block it, and doesn’t take much to unblock either (20minutes scalp massage).