Mane n Tail for hair loss? How to Use it?

mane n tail for hair loss Can you use Mane N Tail horse shampoo for hair loss? if so, what is the best way to use it?

As we have already discussed on previous blog posts here, that the cause of hair loss must be understood before you look at the type of shampoo that might be suitable for you.

To assess what your condition is, you need to look at your current lifestyle with real honesty – you cannot be defense about your lifestyle, and be more open to understanding that, there is a possibility, that whatever condition you have now, is a cause of previous patterns in life – so for hair loss or thinning hair, this too has a reason – sometimes it is simply genetics from parents, but we still contribute in activating those very genes to take expression earlier than they needed to be.

For example – someone with a high sugar lifestyle, is not exactly going to be innocent when it comes them getting diabetes – this does not mean that, this is the only reason – but when you start taking responsibility for your health, you become even more powerful in getting those very results you are looking for.

When it comes to hair loss for example – high sugar diets are a no go zone. So is no exercise – and yes, ironically, most people think they are in a ultimate state of health – but sadly, most people also die off a the same age as the rest of the people who know they aren’t in their best health state – so obviously there is something wrong with this picture.

There are small communities in Asia which have people who have lived well past a 100 years, and they look like 40 or 50 year olds even at a 100+ age – this is no accident. This can happen with people if they want to – but they need to understand that the first step in health, be it for just hair growth, is accepting responsibility for your health.

Now that you have done that (assuming) – you can look at what you have done to understand hair loss – we know that hair loss can be caused by many things, but ultimately what leads to hair dying off early, is due to inflammation (which is the cause of many diseases today).

Inflammation can be handled by enough exercise, and sugar and carbohydrates control – this includes animal fat. If you think you don’t have inflammation, think again, inflammation can be hidden.

To prevent inflammation, or help it heal, increased blood circulation is needed – if you just want to improve hair growth, then scalp massage is a great way to go.

As for products and shampoos to use for hair growth – Mane N Tail has its place – and it is not in actually stopping hair loss, as Mane N tail is a horse shampoo that is designed to increase hair shaft for a few hours (not permanently). This is okay to use for occasional use when you want a boost in your looks, such as going out to a meeting, party or whatever – but regular use of Mane N tail shampoo, will increase inflammation rate, due to the chemicals in this shampoo.

So Mane N Tail can assist in keep up appearances so to speak – but it will not be ideal to actually do anything more. You will have to accept responsibility, and take further action, rather than just hoping 1 product will fix all the problems – build a regime for your health, and go from there.

Hair loss can be stopped for sure – even if many say you cannot grow hair, this is also not true, as this has been done before by many people – but all those people were determined to get results, and looked at their life from a holistic point of view – so looking at their emotions and how their hormones, is one aspect of it – supplements is another – nutrition from actual food is another, and so on – everything needs to be re-learnt and assumed that there must be an error in some of the knowledge you were taught as a kid, or that you assumed was to be true.