Mane and Tail Ingredients – Listed and Explained


There are a lot of ingredients in the Mane N Tail shampoo – are they effective for hair growth? This review of Mane N Tail focuses on the ability of the ingredients and how they reflect the scientific research (western and eastern).

First and foremost – is Mane N Tail safe for use with people suffering from hair thinning? or will this shampoo make it worse?

The ingredient called Sodium Laureth Sulfate, common in many shampoos, but has many irritation properties, which would make inflammation worse, or even create inflammation – this as we already know, is not good for hair loss, and thinning hair – as inflammation is the main cause of all hair thinning in men and women – be it hormone related, genetic or dietary – they all stem from the end result of inflammation, which stops the hair growth.

So with this ingredient present, it is difficult to say that this shampoo is any good for helping people with hair loss, as this ingredient can cause problems when trying to do that.

That said – from third party reviews, that people like using the shampoo for its thickening properties. But this is not true and a misunderstanding – this shampoo will actually thicken the strand of the hair, but not actually allow thicker hair growth on the scalp, or help grow thicker hair nor slow down hair loss progression – it is only good for artificial use – but be warned, this can speed up further hair thinning, and it may not be good to use this too much – perhaps once a month or so is okay, or occasionally.

Are there other shampoos that will help hair thickening other than Mane N Tail? Or Mane N Tail Alternatives?

Yes – you can find them at our homepage here. Where we list the top products for hair growth and naturally thickening hair. You also should consider changing lifestyle and adding scalp massage and other things to the regime if you are serious about taking care of hair growth.