How does Mane n Tail Work?

mane n tail shampoo reviews Does Mane n Tail Shampoo work for human hair growth? And if so, how is it meant to work?

Many reviews online seem to point to the fact that it actually grows hair – although a big percentage says it doesn’t do anything at all.

Why would a shampoo so famous, be this disputed in the fact if it works or not? Is it because it works on a certain type of hair or does it not work and the reviews are not so genuine?

The truth is, that this shampoo is a horse shampoo – it is designed to saturate the horse hair so much, to make the hair fluffy, or enlarged as a temporary effect. When used on human hair, people tend to think that this works for actually increasing hair growth speed or thickening hair growth – but it does not actually thicken hair or grow new hair in any shape or form – it’s ingredients are purely designed for artificially inflating the hair shaft, just like many hair loss shampoos out there.

This is why it is not recommended if you are actually looking to increase hair growth rate, thicken hair naturally, or stop hair thinning. It can be used once in awhile for artificially increasing the shaft of the hair but this is not a permanent effect at all.

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