How can Horse Shampoo help your hair and hair growth?

Horse shampoo and how it helps hair growthHorse shampoo has started to be used on human hair – women and men both – but does it work and how does it help with hair for various types of hair? Is it suitable for all hair, or just some?

This has been a question that is asked way too many times in the hair forums, and is often misunderstood greatly.

The answer really is that horse shampoo is designed for horses and inflating their hair to look larger than it is – most shampoos that talk about volumizing do exactly that – perhaps the horse shampoo does it to a larger extent and that’s great – but there is one problem you need to be aware of.

Horse shampoo and other shampoos that are volumizing are known to have long term hair loss effects – this is because of the way the ingredients work. They work as a make up for thinned hairand not actually trying to grow thicker hair, or keep thicker hair or even speed up hair growth.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation – and thinning hair is a result of it, for both, men and women – so using these types of shampoo on a daily basis or even weekly, can be detrimental to your hair growth regime.

The recommended dosage for such a shampoo would be to use it 2 or 3 times a month – no more than that if you wish to get hair thickening results with your hair growth regime (you do have a hair growth regime, right?).


So to answer the question – how can horse shampoo help with your hair and hair growth?

It does not help with actual hair growth – only gives an appearance of helping it – there is a huge difference and it is important that you are aware of this. If you are looking for actual products for hair growth, then please do see our homepage here, for the top reviewed and rated products.

You can still use horse shampoos – but as explained, do not use it more than 3 times a month – it will damage your hair in the long term with more frequent use. It does not damage it in this low frequent uses because it is not strong enough to create an inflammatory effect.

If you do not have a hair growth regime, please see our blog section of the website to build one; as this is essential if you wish to care for your hair.