Does Mane N Tail Grow Hair? Things you Did not Know

does mane n tail grow hair


There are many reviews about Mane N Tail shampoo and hair growth – some even saying it helped make their hair look thicker – but does Mane N Tail Really Grow hair?

A closer look has to be done – which is why was this shampoo created in the first place. It’s a horse shampoo. Next question – do horses have a problem with hair thinning and hair loss?

Short genius answer is – no they don’t – so why would the horse shampoo applied on humans, actually grow hair?

Hair growth is a complex process – especially when trying to grow thicker hair on your head, for females and males. The Mane N Tail shampoo does make the hair appear thicker, but it does not actually regrow hair, or thicken hair growth. It simply makes the shaft of the hair thicker, and this makes you think hair has grown thicker.

Problem is – shaft thickening is temporary; and the inflation of the hair shaft in the hair growth shampoos sometimes do, is a problem, as they can sometimes cause inflammation on the scalp, to worsen; this causes and speeds up hair thinning, and is the main problem in the first place!

So should you buy Mane N Tail shampoo?

I can’t say – but if you want a good quality product designed for human hair growth, then this is not it – I suggest look at our homepage to find the top rated and proven products available.

Using Mane N Tail once in awhile won’t cause hair thinning – so you can still use it around once or twice a month when you have to give your hair that extra make up look of thicker hair – but don’t use it everyday, as this will cause a long term problem – use the better hair growth products designed for actual hair growth, well, at least assisting hair growth.

What else can you do to help with hair growth?

Using just a shampoo or any other product won’t cause instant hair growth – otherwise most people won’t have hair thinning.

Problem with this is, many people think there is no cure – when there is – the cure is complex, so most people think buying products is pointless, but this is not true – you have to create a regime of hair growth to help you get the best results, and this involves a lot of things; we will be talking about this on our blog so be sure to subscribe or bookmark our website.