Diet and Relation to Hair

diet-and-hair-growthThere are a lot of ways a person can help their hair growth look better – usually people think of shampoos and what shampoos will kind of “feed” the hair the nutrients needed – but this is a very primitive thought, as it’s not exactly a plant, that you have on your head, and the nutrients come from within, from what you eat, your actual diet.

Another thing people don’t often understand is, that two people eating the same exact food, will not gain the same exact nutrients and nourishment from it – it will depend on their body’s capacity to withdraw those nutrients – and to change and increase your ability to take nutrients, will depend on your lifestyle, and if you have correct detox regimes in place that help keep a good capacity to absorb nutrients for your body – among other methods.

First thing is first – there is a strong and positive correlation between hair growth quality and nutrients that you eat – even the quality of nutrients (organic, grass fed etc) are vital in this case – but not only that, the supplements that you take, are also vital – such as B-complex vitamins (one a day type ones) and other similar ones (see our blog to learn more on this).

All those combined – will bring the best results for someone looking for best hair thickening and growth for whatever age group you are in.