How much Niacin should i take for hair growth?

how much niacin for hair growth


Niacin has been used successfully in helping give better hair growth results in men and women – but there is still some misunderstanding on what type of niacin to be used, how much to use for hair growth, and how often to take it – in this short post, we will explain this in detail, and why.

Firstly and foremost – niacin must be taken as a flushing type – DO NOT take a non-flushing type niacin – this will not give you results for hair growth, and is actually harmful due to the slow release effect, which is damaging for the liver – and the whole point of taking niacin is, to get the flush effect, which is the medicinal effect of niacin!

Now that we have established what type of niacin to take – how much to take for actual results for hair growth?

The answer is complicated – because you need to start taking niacin slowly – around 50mg a day – for 7 days – then increasing to 100mg a day for 7 days – and then 200mg on the third week, and 400mg fourth week – increasing it until you experience the flush of niacin – some people will feel a small flush at 100mg – but will find that increasing this to 200mg after a week will be still beneficial.

This gradual increase is important as you do not know your threshold and requirements of Niacin – there is no way to test what is best, so we start with a small dosage – and increase week by week – so do not buy the 500mg niacin just yet – order the 50mg one and build up.

You want to reach the 500mg a day – where you can take for long term, and get hair growth results.

If you don’t see enough results after 2-3 months of taking niacin everyday – then I suggest looking at our homepage for the top rated products used for hair growth – and suggest adding those to your regime.

Bonus: Taking a stinging nettle supplement once a day will also help boost hair growth rate and help remove toxic level of excess hormones in the body for men and women. This is not widely known, and is a powerful secret used by many!

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Niacinamide Benefits for Hair – Latest Research

niacinamide benefits for hair Niacinamide and the benefits it provides to human hair and skin has never been understood like it is now – and we have great news for those wishing to use this vitamin for helping enhance their cosemetic appearance.

When we are young – we are glowing with vibrant beauty, shining from the eyes, glowing from the skin, and with beautiful luxurious thick hair, even in bed, after waking up in the morning, it looks beautiful in its own unique way – but for many people this all goes away after they hit a certain age.

The good news is, it is possible to partly reverse the damage, and still have the glow and beauty you want to radiate towards the world.

This is partly achieved by Niacin, vitamin B3 – long term supplementation – but it must be the flushing type – if you use the non-flushing type, this will not have any effect, and will cause liver damage – so be careful on what you are buying.

How will niacinamide help my hair and benefit my hair?

Niacinamide will help hair in various ways – including increased hair growth rate, increased hair thickness in general – and relaxed and repaired nerves. This is very widely understood – it is just that the proper dosage is never understood, and people mess this up, and give up on it – so this is why you read many forums talking about both extremes of the argument – for and against it.

The best way to take it for hair growth and improving hair quality – is by starting at 50mg per day on first week – then 100 mg per day on second week, and then 500 mg per day, for the rest of the time – if you can build tolerance and not get a flush at 500 mg, your nerves have repaired a great deal, and so has your circulation.

We don’t need to say more – but just don’t buy the non-flushing type – normal types just call themselves niacin along with dosage.

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Can shampoos alone help Hair growth?

shampoos alone for hair growth



There are various types of shampoos out there in the market for hair growth – some involving putting caffeine on your head, and some involve putting lab created agents like minoxidil on your head. But are shampoos enough for most people to see actual hair growth they are expecting?

There are so many factors to hair growth – from genetics limiting you, hormones and how they play out, if your insulin is balanced, your blood sugar levels, forget DHT and all the common stuff you would read in forums – but studies like how peppermint helps hair growth gives some hope, but what about those patients blood sugar levels? hormone levels? were they measured? why not? why is that not considered a mega important part of the study.

Even this authority on hair recognises how hair is important but also other factors and chemical balance factors in the body which very few people talk about.

So can shampoos help hair growth?

Yes they can – but not the way you think – they are tools to support hair growth, and can also be enemies for hair growth and hair itself – as they can damage new growth – especially common shampoos like Head & Shoulders and similar shampoos like L’oreal.

Increase hair growth thickness and speed of hair growth by 200% in 30 days

Yes,  you can actually increase your hair growth speed and thickness by 200% altogether (but not with shampoo alone, although it will help) – by starting a regime of hair growth – it requires work, but it is worth it, if hair is something you value – applies to men and women of all races and ages.

What kind of regime will help hair actually grow?

A regime will need to focus on the following:

Nutrition – Most people when talk about nutrition, think they eat healthy. This is simply untrue – it is just something people tell themselves. From vegans, to meat eaters – no matter who – you need to find YOUR imbalance, and if it is related to lack of protein, you need to have amino acid based protein that is not in plants or beans – this is not biologically available and will not function the same way – people think oh protein is the same, but this is not true – every protein is different – otherwise you can eat feces and get protein from this too – and it will make you sick and die – sorry for the graphic image, but some people do not seem to understand this point so extremization of a picture is needed.

So the most essential nutrition you need is collagen – you can get this from bone soup (beef based ideally – as beef amino acid is highest bioavailable for humans).

Emotional Health – If you are someone that reacts quickly (internally, not necessarily externally visible) – this is a sign of emotional imbalance. This is not conventional understanding – because western medicine often averages of what is “normal” on what is okay – but if most people have the problem, they cannot find a problem with it – which is plain stupid.

Today – most people have a hormone problem – this is simply a fact. Moodiness is a major sign of this – yes, it does not kill you, so it won’t be described in western medicine, because they only base things on mortality and what symptoms you get.

Blood Circulation – Blood circulation to the scalp, to the liver, the whole body, is a MUST if you want any kind of hair growth. Minoxidil, a drug that I do not recommend – but must mention, because they keep saying this is the only drug that is proven to work for hair loss (this is not true – it works temporarily and causes fast hair loss if you stop using it) – but the reason it works is often kept hidden without a lot of digging – and the reason it works is because it expands blood vessels – increasing blood circulation! This means that scalp massage, as already done and used for hundreds of years in Asia!

Detox – This is important especially if you have a hormone problem. Detox the liver and kidneys using herbal teas like green tea – ginger tea – and nettle tea. This is done long term and slowly, do not consume large amounts at one go thinking this will do a major detox – some detox works slowly, but surely.



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Diet and Relation to Hair

diet-and-hair-growthThere are a lot of ways a person can help their hair growth look better – usually people think of shampoos and what shampoos will kind of “feed” the hair the nutrients needed – but this is a very primitive thought, as it’s not exactly a plant, that you have on your head, and the nutrients come from within, from what you eat, your actual diet.

Another thing people don’t often understand is, that two people eating the same exact food, will not gain the same exact nutrients and nourishment from it – it will depend on their body’s capacity to withdraw those nutrients – and to change and increase your ability to take nutrients, will depend on your lifestyle, and if you have correct detox regimes in place that help keep a good capacity to absorb nutrients for your body – among other methods.

First thing is first – there is a strong and positive correlation between hair growth quality and nutrients that you eat – even the quality of nutrients (organic, grass fed etc) are vital in this case – but not only that, the supplements that you take, are also vital – such as B-complex vitamins (one a day type ones) and other similar ones (see our blog to learn more on this).

All those combined – will bring the best results for someone looking for best hair thickening and growth for whatever age group you are in.

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Mane n Tail for hair loss? How to Use it?

mane n tail for hair loss Can you use Mane N Tail horse shampoo for hair loss? if so, what is the best way to use it?

As we have already discussed on previous blog posts here, that the cause of hair loss must be understood before you look at the type of shampoo that might be suitable for you.

To assess what your condition is, you need to look at your current lifestyle with real honesty – you cannot be defense about your lifestyle, and be more open to understanding that, there is a possibility, that whatever condition you have now, is a cause of previous patterns in life – so for hair loss or thinning hair, this too has a reason – sometimes it is simply genetics from parents, but we still contribute in activating those very genes to take expression earlier than they needed to be.

For example – someone with a high sugar lifestyle, is not exactly going to be innocent when it comes them getting diabetes – this does not mean that, this is the only reason – but when you start taking responsibility for your health, you become even more powerful in getting those very results you are looking for.

When it comes to hair loss for example – high sugar diets are a no go zone. So is no exercise – and yes, ironically, most people think they are in a ultimate state of health – but sadly, most people also die off a the same age as the rest of the people who know they aren’t in their best health state – so obviously there is something wrong with this picture.

There are small communities in Asia which have people who have lived well past a 100 years, and they look like 40 or 50 year olds even at a 100+ age – this is no accident. This can happen with people if they want to – but they need to understand that the first step in health, be it for just hair growth, is accepting responsibility for your health.

Now that you have done that (assuming) – you can look at what you have done to understand hair loss – we know that hair loss can be caused by many things, but ultimately what leads to hair dying off early, is due to inflammation (which is the cause of many diseases today).

Inflammation can be handled by enough exercise, and sugar and carbohydrates control – this includes animal fat. If you think you don’t have inflammation, think again, inflammation can be hidden.

To prevent inflammation, or help it heal, increased blood circulation is needed – if you just want to improve hair growth, then scalp massage is a great way to go.

As for products and shampoos to use for hair growth – Mane N Tail has its place – and it is not in actually stopping hair loss, as Mane N tail is a horse shampoo that is designed to increase hair shaft for a few hours (not permanently). This is okay to use for occasional use when you want a boost in your looks, such as going out to a meeting, party or whatever – but regular use of Mane N tail shampoo, will increase inflammation rate, due to the chemicals in this shampoo.

So Mane N Tail can assist in keep up appearances so to speak – but it will not be ideal to actually do anything more. You will have to accept responsibility, and take further action, rather than just hoping 1 product will fix all the problems – build a regime for your health, and go from there.

Hair loss can be stopped for sure – even if many say you cannot grow hair, this is also not true, as this has been done before by many people – but all those people were determined to get results, and looked at their life from a holistic point of view – so looking at their emotions and how their hormones, is one aspect of it – supplements is another – nutrition from actual food is another, and so on – everything needs to be re-learnt and assumed that there must be an error in some of the knowledge you were taught as a kid, or that you assumed was to be true.


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How can Horse Shampoo help your hair and hair growth?

Horse shampoo and how it helps hair growthHorse shampoo has started to be used on human hair – women and men both – but does it work and how does it help with hair for various types of hair? Is it suitable for all hair, or just some?

This has been a question that is asked way too many times in the hair forums, and is often misunderstood greatly.

The answer really is that horse shampoo is designed for horses and inflating their hair to look larger than it is – most shampoos that talk about volumizing do exactly that – perhaps the horse shampoo does it to a larger extent and that’s great – but there is one problem you need to be aware of.

Horse shampoo and other shampoos that are volumizing are known to have long term hair loss effects – this is because of the way the ingredients work. They work as a make up for thinned hairand not actually trying to grow thicker hair, or keep thicker hair or even speed up hair growth.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation – and thinning hair is a result of it, for both, men and women – so using these types of shampoo on a daily basis or even weekly, can be detrimental to your hair growth regime.

The recommended dosage for such a shampoo would be to use it 2 or 3 times a month – no more than that if you wish to get hair thickening results with your hair growth regime (you do have a hair growth regime, right?).


So to answer the question – how can horse shampoo help with your hair and hair growth?

It does not help with actual hair growth – only gives an appearance of helping it – there is a huge difference and it is important that you are aware of this. If you are looking for actual products for hair growth, then please do see our homepage here, for the top reviewed and rated products.

You can still use horse shampoos – but as explained, do not use it more than 3 times a month – it will damage your hair in the long term with more frequent use. It does not damage it in this low frequent uses because it is not strong enough to create an inflammatory effect.

If you do not have a hair growth regime, please see our blog section of the website to build one; as this is essential if you wish to care for your hair.



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Does Mane and Tail Shampoo make your hair grow faster?

beautiful girl hair shampoo for hair growth There are many shampoos out there claiming to make hair grow thicker, and also faster – Mane and Tail shampoo is a horse shampoo that people are buying for hair – but does it actually make hair growth faster? Like actual speeding up of hair growth?

Mane and Tail is designed for horses, and as we already talked about on the homepage of the website – this shampoo is designed for horses, not actual human scalp and hair – so they never intended it to actually grow hair – horses do not grow bald, or have a need to increase hair growth speed – they do however have a requirement to have fluffy thicker looking hair, to look healthier.
Mane and Tail does not naturally thicken hair growth – but it does make it appear that it is thicker for short term purposes – this is done by artificially thickening the shaft of the hair strand; but this should not be done for long term use; as this can cause inflammation, and can have negative side effects if you are looking to grow actual thicker hair, not just hair makeup, to make them look thicker, but long term they are thinning faster than usual – as these shampoos are not that great for long term daily use.

It is still okay to use the shampoo once in awhile, to boost the look of thicker hair – but more than that, it will just cause trouble – if you are looking for actual methods of hair regrowth or thickening hair, please see the homepage of the website, and you will find the top products and methods listed, as well as more explanation into the Mane and Tail shampoo.

Can shampoos grow hair faster?

No shampoo can single handedly grow faster hair – but if you use one that helps, then it can contribute to the speed – but more important factors are, nutrition for hair growth, blood circulation for hair growth, and diet for hair growth – all these factors are much more important than using a shampoo for hair growth.

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Mane and Tail Ingredients – Listed and Explained


There are a lot of ingredients in the Mane N Tail shampoo – are they effective for hair growth? This review of Mane N Tail focuses on the ability of the ingredients and how they reflect the scientific research (western and eastern).

First and foremost – is Mane N Tail safe for use with people suffering from hair thinning? or will this shampoo make it worse?

The ingredient called Sodium Laureth Sulfate, common in many shampoos, but has many irritation properties, which would make inflammation worse, or even create inflammation – this as we already know, is not good for hair loss, and thinning hair – as inflammation is the main cause of all hair thinning in men and women – be it hormone related, genetic or dietary – they all stem from the end result of inflammation, which stops the hair growth.

So with this ingredient present, it is difficult to say that this shampoo is any good for helping people with hair loss, as this ingredient can cause problems when trying to do that.

That said – from third party reviews, that people like using the shampoo for its thickening properties. But this is not true and a misunderstanding – this shampoo will actually thicken the strand of the hair, but not actually allow thicker hair growth on the scalp, or help grow thicker hair nor slow down hair loss progression – it is only good for artificial use – but be warned, this can speed up further hair thinning, and it may not be good to use this too much – perhaps once a month or so is okay, or occasionally.

Are there other shampoos that will help hair thickening other than Mane N Tail? Or Mane N Tail Alternatives?

Yes – you can find them at our homepage here. Where we list the top products for hair growth and naturally thickening hair. You also should consider changing lifestyle and adding scalp massage and other things to the regime if you are serious about taking care of hair growth.


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Does Mane N Tail Grow Hair? Things you Did not Know

does mane n tail grow hair


There are many reviews about Mane N Tail shampoo and hair growth – some even saying it helped make their hair look thicker – but does Mane N Tail Really Grow hair?

A closer look has to be done – which is why was this shampoo created in the first place. It’s a horse shampoo. Next question – do horses have a problem with hair thinning and hair loss?

Short genius answer is – no they don’t – so why would the horse shampoo applied on humans, actually grow hair?

Hair growth is a complex process – especially when trying to grow thicker hair on your head, for females and males. The Mane N Tail shampoo does make the hair appear thicker, but it does not actually regrow hair, or thicken hair growth. It simply makes the shaft of the hair thicker, and this makes you think hair has grown thicker.

Problem is – shaft thickening is temporary; and the inflation of the hair shaft in the hair growth shampoos sometimes do, is a problem, as they can sometimes cause inflammation on the scalp, to worsen; this causes and speeds up hair thinning, and is the main problem in the first place!

So should you buy Mane N Tail shampoo?

I can’t say – but if you want a good quality product designed for human hair growth, then this is not it – I suggest look at our homepage to find the top rated and proven products available.

Using Mane N Tail once in awhile won’t cause hair thinning – so you can still use it around once or twice a month when you have to give your hair that extra make up look of thicker hair – but don’t use it everyday, as this will cause a long term problem – use the better hair growth products designed for actual hair growth, well, at least assisting hair growth.

What else can you do to help with hair growth?

Using just a shampoo or any other product won’t cause instant hair growth – otherwise most people won’t have hair thinning.

Problem with this is, many people think there is no cure – when there is – the cure is complex, so most people think buying products is pointless, but this is not true – you have to create a regime of hair growth to help you get the best results, and this involves a lot of things; we will be talking about this on our blog so be sure to subscribe or bookmark our website.

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How does Mane n Tail Work?

mane n tail shampoo reviews Does Mane n Tail Shampoo work for human hair growth? And if so, how is it meant to work?

Many reviews online seem to point to the fact that it actually grows hair – although a big percentage says it doesn’t do anything at all.

Why would a shampoo so famous, be this disputed in the fact if it works or not? Is it because it works on a certain type of hair or does it not work and the reviews are not so genuine?

The truth is, that this shampoo is a horse shampoo – it is designed to saturate the horse hair so much, to make the hair fluffy, or enlarged as a temporary effect. When used on human hair, people tend to think that this works for actually increasing hair growth speed or thickening hair growth – but it does not actually thicken hair or grow new hair in any shape or form – it’s ingredients are purely designed for artificially inflating the hair shaft, just like many hair loss shampoos out there.

This is why it is not recommended if you are actually looking to increase hair growth rate, thicken hair naturally, or stop hair thinning. It can be used once in awhile for artificially increasing the shaft of the hair but this is not a permanent effect at all.

If you are looking for real solutions to increasing hair growth and thickening hair naturally – then please see our homepage here for the best methods for this.

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