Mane and Tail Shampoo Reviews and More

We review various hair health related product, and list it here in various forms and shapes.

Below are the top rated hair growth products that work for increasing hair growth speed, thickening new hair growth, and producing better quality hair:

1. Immortal’s Oil (not a shampoo, but an oil for hair and scalp):  This oil is one of the best oil for rubbing/massage on the scalp for better quality hair growth. It is the only oil proven to grow new hair growth and help stop hair loss by fighting inflammation at the root. It is a botanical oil made from only organic and paraben free (allergy free) ingredients – also it is the only oil that can be used on a daily basis (other oils will cause dryness or other similar problems).

The awesome thing is, it can also help clear acne skin problems when used for the face and body.


Mane-n-Tail-Shampoo2. Mane N Tail Shampoo: This shampoo is great for actually artificially increasing the hair shaft size, giving the perception of thicker hair. You can use this once in awhile, with the above 2 products, whilst you get thicker hair naturally, you can keep your hair at least looking thicker – as the Mane N Tail shampoo does not actually increase growth rate of hair (the above two products both do this however).


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We will just cover the basics about Mane n Tail shampoo, and what it consists of.

Does the Mane n Tail shampoo actually work for human hair? What are the clinical studies on Mane n Tail Shampoo to prove that it works for human hair growth?

Firstly, hair thinning or slowing of hair growth occurs for two reasons which we know today from the latest research in science. One is inflammation, and the other is poor blood circulation – although these two are closely related, as inflammation can increase with poor blood circulation, and vice versa (poor circulation can cause inflammation).

Does the Mane n Tail shampoo work for inflammation or poor circulation? Not really – there is no evidence that suggests that it does anything related for inflammation nor circulation of the blood.

So what does Mane n Tail shampoo actually do that people have reported?

Some people have noticed a wide hair shaft – but they mistake it for new growth – but this is not the same – its only a temporary effect on the hair strand, which causes the hair strand to bloat – this is not healthy (and many shampoos do this) but some people are okay with this – but long term use of such shampoos are known to cause inflammation, which means the thinning of hair and poorer quality hair produced over time (1-3 years usually).

Does mane n tail make your hair grow?

Not Really – the positive reviews are based on the artificial shaft increase – and this does nothing for actual hair growth or regrowth or speeding up hair growth. It doesn’t matter how much mane n tail shampoo you use, you still won’t grow thicker hair from just this horse shampoo. 

Does mane and tail work?

Yes it works – but not for growing hair, it just expands the hair shaft as explained above.